PDF/Tika Parser does not browse for PDF files


This is the first time I want to work on text mining using knime, so first thing I need to read a PDF file, the PDF or Tika Parser node browser could not find PDF files in order to select one, please see the following printscreen knowing that there are several PDF files in the selected folder:

I did some research and I found that it might be a version issue, so I checked the version and its as shown the below printscreen ( it does not look like the same format I found in the internet, I am using Adobe Acrobat)

Could anyone help me reading the file ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Mutaz , the screenshot that you showed relates to the PDF Parser, and that’s how the PDF Parser shows it. It only shows folders as it’s looking for a folder. That is why you don’t see the pdf files in that folder even if there are pdf files there. Once you choose a folder, it will parse all files with pdf extension from that folder.

Just execute the node, and see for yourself.


I feel like its obvious :joy:

Thank you a lot :heart_eyes:


Hehehe, it’s actually not that obvious @Mutaz :rofl: The first reaction is that you expect to see the pdf files, but when you take a step back and think of it, it’s browsing for a folder, so it’s focusing on the folders only because of that :slight_smile:

Happy to help, and glad that it’s resolved :slight_smile:

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