Percent of Row Total

Hi everybody, I am attaching a workflow that calculates the percentage of each row total after doing a pivot table. I find this useful as the Excel Pivot Table includes this option, which can also be added into the pivot node.

The following link shows exactly what I am talking about

% of Row Total

The file was uploaded in this link Workflow



Hi mauuuuu5,

Thank you for your suggestion for improvement.

However with the new Math Formula (Multi Column) node you can do it in one step, calculating the sum of two columns in the same Math Formula (Multi Column) node.


Anna, I believe mauuuuu5 made a great proposal. If you have more than one group it nice to have a line % to the group.

Yes, what I aim is that the pivot table node provide us the same options as Excel does.


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For some reason the workflow is not available so I am attaching it

Percent of Row Total.knwf (21.3 KB)


mauuuu5 thanks for sharing. this was what i was trying to fix at this point and find your recommendation very useful.