Percentage of single item in the total of numer of sets

Hello, I’m new in Knime and I need some help.
I have a table with orders and products sets that ordered in each one and I need to find which is the percentage of appearence of each one product item for the total number of orders.

for example:
1 x,y,z
2 x
3 y
4 z,y,h
5 x,y,h

I need to have this:
x 60%
y 80%
z 40%
h 40%

Is there any idea?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @MariaL, welcome to KNIME forum

I can be do with a wf like this perc_singel_item.knwf (47.4 KB)

gr. Hans

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Hi @MariaL Welcome to the Forum.
This workflow does what you want even though there might be simpler ways to do it:

The idea is to divide your rows in such a way that you have one row per item in the order.

percentage.knwf (14.7 KB)


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