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I have a dataset with donor information (Age, Sex, various donations informations). Now I am looking to, let’s say for example, create a bar chart / histogram that shows the amount of the different sexes there is in the data set but instead of representing the raw numbers on the y axis, I want there to be the percentages of male and female donors. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi @Emin and welcome back to the KNIME community forum,

How about using a GroupBy node before the chart?



Hi there @Emin,

to my knowledge there are two charts that show percentages in some way so you can give them a try depending on what you what to show. First is Pie/Donut Chart which can show label as percentage and second one is Stacked Area Chart where y axis can have percentages if chart type is Percentage-Area-Chart. Make sure interpolation method is step in it.

Try it out and if any questions feel free to ask. Also if you are willing to share part of your data (dummy data works as well as long as structure is same) and information you want to show I can give it a try with above mentioned nodes :wink:


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