Performance problems


I'm using Knime for a couple of months now and since  last week i'm having often some serious performance problems. Nodes like Lift chart or Histogram or Statistics have a considerable (some times extreme) longer execution time than normal.


I've installed quite some extensions, maybe this has something to do with it?

Increasing Java heap space to 2GB doesn't work, I'm running on a 4GB RAM 64bit machine.

I've created a new workspace because I tought maybe the original one was getting too large but that doesn't help neither.

The dataset I'm using contains around 30 000 records and around 200 variables.

Thanks for your answers!



Thanks for taking the time to report this.  Would it be possible to define a specific sceneario (eg. stats node 200 cumeric columns), and a benchmark as to what you would expect and what you are actually seeing (eg. expect 10 seconds, actually takes 10 min.)? This would hlpe us investigate the problem more efficiently.  

Other than KNIME do you have a lot of memory intensive applications running?  One things that can be quite annoying is if other application's force KNIME into virtual memory which is much slower. 


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Aaron Hart


It did help stopping other applications and I also did a reïnstallation, now it's working properly again.


Thanks a lot for your help!