Performing calculation for different rows with changeable values

Hello everyone !

I need to calculate each row with different variables each time. For example, I need to make a dynamic column and want it to be changable manually. Then, I need it to be multiply that number with stock column and be written on a new column. Can anyone help?
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Hi @ellobyhn , just use the Math Formula node in which you do a multiplication between the column stock and your dynamic column.

For example:

Math Formula:

$stock$ * $Changeable Number$


You can change the values of the column, and the Math Formula will calculate accordingly. For example, new input:


Hello Bruno!

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: Actually what I need is, I want to rewrite the stock column manually. For example I want to change 50 with 60. Is this possible to make it in Knime ?

The Table Editor looks like the right node for this job. Open the table in the interactive view to edit the values. You need to apply the changes to have any effect. The settings allow you to configure the interactive view.

Note that this is generally not the way we manipulate data in KNIME. You can still use it, but I want you to be aware that this shouldn’t be the first choice for a task :wink:


Hi @ellobyhn , as suggested by @Thyme , the Table Editor can be used for this via the Interactive view, and I also second the fact that “this is generally not the way we manipulate data in KNIME”.

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