'Periodic Workspace save.' has encountered a problem

Hello... for quite some months I have this annoying problem I couldnt fix and im just clicking the popup away every 10min or so:

Could not write metadata for '/XYZ 2013-09-04 14.27.02'.
D:\KNIME\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects\XYZ 2013-09-04 14.27.02\.markers.snap (Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden) 

Any ideas what I have to fix in my workspace for the problem to disapear? The workflow in question doesnt exist anymore.

This is an eclipse problem, but I am not sure the cause, but if you can isolate it we would be interested in knowing what happened to cause this error message.  

I haven't experienced this problem myself, but there are a lot of questions about similar issues on the internet, and the solutions seem to boil down to 3 main options.  I would reccomend trying them in the following order:

1) Switch to a new workspace, close KNIME, reopen KNIME, and switch back to the original workspace. 

2) Create a workflow with the name indicated in the error and delete it from the KNIME Explorer. 

3) With KNIME closed, delete the .metadata folder in your workspace and restart KNIME.  Please not that if you have any custom preferences they will be lost.  In order to preserve your preferences, back them up via File > Export preferences before deleting your .metadata folder.

Please let us know which (if any) of these methods worked for future reference.



Hello Aaron,

thanks for the reply:

1. Didnt help

2. It seems to help but unfortunately as soon as I create a workflow named as mentioned in the error, a new error comes up immediately for another problematic (and long time gone) workflow. I gave up after creating 6 workflows as there could be too many to "fix".

3. That helped once and for all!


Btw as you could see perhaps from the name, most problematic workflows were some (tmp) instances I copied manually from the server. As KNIME 2.10 creates them automatically in a temporary way, these problems shouldnt happen so often anymore I hope.