Permission issues with Tableau Send to Server


we’ve recently reinstalled KNIME Server to fully upgrade to TomCat. Our server is running on Ubuntu 20.04. We’re having an issue with the Tableau nodes giving the following error related to permissions to the log file:

Execute failed: Failed to start a new Hyper instance. Context: 0x86a93465 CAUSED BY: The Hyper server process exited during startup with exit code: 1 Command-line: “/home/analytics/Programs/knime_executor/plugins/org.knime.ext.tableau.hyperapi.bin.linux.x86_64_0.0.11074.v202006260728/tableauhyperapi-linux-x86_64-0.0.11074/lib/hyper/hyperd --database=/tmp/hyper_db_D67VnjMH --date-style=MDY --date-style-lenient=false --init=overwrite --init-user=tableau_internal_user --language=en_US --log-config=file,json,all,hyperd,0 --log-dir=/ --no-password=true --skip-license=true --listen-connection tab.domain:///tmp/domain/auto --callback-connection tab.domain:///tmp/domain/c91e7e4b42f347a4b8301015511c66b8 run” Child process’ stderr: Unable to open log file: open("/hyperd.log", 66): Permission denied FileListener in error state after initial rotate() Context: 0x13cead20

We had a similar issue with python that resulted from the log file being written to the root directory as this was the default being used by Python, I’m not extremely familiar with the Tableau integration, but this seems like a similar issue. / / /
Anyone came across anything similar?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Thomas,

this is something we have on our list. In the future the logs will end up in the temp folder, which can be configured via preferences. I’ll let you know as soon as this option is available.

Hi Marten,

Thanks for following up. As per our separate conversation on this issue through support adding WorkingDirectory= solved the issue.

Thanks again

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