Permissions on the KNIME AP (Client Side)

Hi All,
I’m struggling a bit with setting permissions for users when the users login to our KNIME Server via the KNIME AP:
When users login via the Webportal they can only see the workflow groups and workflows for which they have permissions for, great!
However, when users login to the Knime Server via a client KNIME Analytics Platform they can see workflow groups for which they do not have permissions for, not great! Thankfully they cannot expand these workflow groups to access the workflows they contain. Nevertheless, it does cause confusion as users end up seeing too many workflow groups which are not relevant to them…
Is there a way to set up the permissions such that when using the KNIME AP users can only see the workflow groups on the Knime Server for which they have permission to?
Thanks in advance!

The KNIME Explorer behaves as any other file system browser. Even if you cannot see contents of a folder/workflow group, you can still see the group itself. If those groups would not be visible users would get very confused if they tried to create a new group with the same name. This fails because the group already exists but they don’t see it.
What’s wrong with seeing groups but not their contents?

Hi Thor,
This was not the case in previous versions of KNIME: We used KNIME AP 2.12.2 with KNIME Server 4.1.1 and with this setup users could not see the folders that they didn’t have permission to access.
This setup was perfect as our users execute some more interactive server models on the KNIME AP because the KNIME WebPortal still doesn’t support them (e.g. there is still no capability on the WebPortal to run Fuzzy Cluster Neighbourgrams, or to view the interactive 3D scatter plot).
This must have changed in the newer KNIME versions so my question is: is there a way for me to setup what users can see which is identical to what it was in the older KNIME versions?
Users, some of whom only have access to one or two workflows on the knime server are getting lost and confused trying to navigate through dozens of folders on the KNIME AP which are not relevant to them…
Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to change this.

I’m pretty sure the behaviour has always been like this, for the reasons I described above. There is also no way to change it.