Phrase Extractor

I am a recent user of KNIME and found it exceedingly user-friendly.  I mainly use the text processing features.

I wanted guidance on extracting phrases from a sentence.  The extractor should consider the punctuation marks, connectors and other standard ways of splitting a sentence and resolve these various ways to provide standard set of phrases that constitute the sentence.

Any readily available solution or workaround.  If not, is it in pipeline in the next release?

Thanks in advance


Hi SridharVenu,

there is no node for noun or verb phrase detection/tagging available yet. If you have a model which to detect phrases you can integrate it, of course, by implementing your own node. See: for a tutorial about how to integrate customized taggers.

There is a n gram creator node available. This node provides frequencies of n grams, maybe this node is interesting for you. For 2.10 (next release) phrase tagger nodes are not in the pipeline, sorry.

Cheers, Kilian

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