Pick the row from a table with the largest value for one field


I am trying to select the row of a table which has the highest value for F-measure.
This row I want to add to one table while all the other rows should be forwarded to another table. All this happens within a loop so that for each iteration I would have the best result in one table and the remaining results in another table.

How would I do the splitting?

Thank you


 Use the sorter node to sort on the column you want the highest value from. Choose Sort and Descending.

Now use the Row Filter node, and simply use the Row Splitter node, and choose to Split it by Row Number, and just choose Row 1 to Row 1. Now you will you have the row with the highest value output to the top outport, and all remaining rows to the second outport.

Hope this helps,


Thank you Simon,

I have been playing around with java snippets, but have not been successful.
That is a really simple solution.



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