Pipe delimited text help

I have a file that is a pipe delimited text file. I used the file reader node and entered “|” into the node as the column delimiter. There are a couple of columns where for reasons I am not entirely sure of are combinations of multiple columns where the delimiting did not seem to take.

I have one column that is actually 6 columns together, what do you think is my best option for splitting them into several columns? Here is an example of one column that should be six separate columns (date / double / double / double / double / string).


In the columns where it is two columns joined I am going to simply use the string manipulation node, but for this one is there a better way? My regex skills are non-existent, wondering if it is worth working on learning regex to handle this one.

Appreciate any help you can give.


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Nevermind, I found the cell splitter node.

Wow, what a great option for this. That was super easy!


Another option could be to use r with readr package. That typically handles complex or strange CSV files well.


Appreciate the suggestion, its probably a good idea.

I am trying to build stuff I can pass off to clients, none of whom can code, so I stay away from using R or Java.

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