Pivot and split with delimiting character

Hello all,

I am having difficult with pivoting a dataset I have. There is a column which can contain one or multiple (thankfully preset!) strings of text separated by ;

My current result though is showing the aggregated columns headers, rather than splitting them. I thought setting the delimiter to “;” would solve this, but alas not. Below are screenshots of what I am trying to achieve vs what I have managed to achieve thus far.

Pivot example

Pivot result

Can anyone suggest a way round this? I’m sure it is something Knime can handle, I just can’t quite get my head round it at the moment. Thanks!

Hi @JWebb ,

simply add an additional dummy column so you can use the pivot node! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

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It still didn’t quite work, (it was keeping the concatenated attributes), however I think I managed it.

By splitting cells by ;, unpivoting and then pivoting.

It would be interesting though to see if that is a bit of a round-the-houses way of doing it and there is a simpler way.

Are you trying to achieve the table in the upper right of your image or the one in the lower left?
If the first, I misunderstood the task. But glad you solved the issue :slight_smile:


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