pivot table as excel one

Hello, I am trying to automate a process but at the final step, I can’t have same pivot tables like excel one;
what I want is to have a pivot where when I click on it will bring me the corresponding data source, I mean like excel pivot tables.

dataviz2.knwf.knwf (75.4 KB)

Hi, I do not fully understand what you desire but, you want that the dataset name appears when you hover the mouse on it?


I want to have the data source after clicking on the pivot table.

Like in excel after the pivot table, when you click on it, it will direct you to the data source.

@Mamadou maybe you could add some date to your example so it would be possible to inspect. And also you might want to provide and example of what you want to do.

Some manipulations can be done with the Continental nodes, other might be possible with the help of OpenPyxl

There seem to be limitations concerning Pivot tables though:



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