Pivot Table

I got some data in table which looks like this.

I need result table like this.

I got this result partially by pivot table. But For the cost columns, I only need last number (L1 value only).
I couldn’t figure out how can I do this. Please help me with this


I think you need to use 2 nodes. A Pivoting node and a GroupBy node.
Use Pivoting node to pivot “Level” column and pick the “First” value from the “Name” column.
And separately use the GroupBy node to pick the “Last” value of the “Cost” and “CostB” columns.
Then Use a Joiner node to join these two.


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Hi @tushar1912

Well something like this Knipsel
pivot.knwf (23.5 KB)


Thank you

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Thanks Hans. This solution worked.