Pivoting node: how to sort efficiently the pivot columns


ofter I stumble on the outcome of the pivoting node. What I actually would like to compare are columns of the same aggregation column but different pivot values. In my case threre are just "A" and "B" values in my pivot column. (see .png)

My column "A+Aggregated Classification" suppose to be next to "B+Aggregated Classification", and so on for the rest of the columns... I can use the column resorter, but sorting automatically A-Z doesnt work here, and if there are more than just two pivot values and/or more aggregated columns then this manual step takes quite a long time and is annoying. Is there any way to do this more efficient?

As a feature request I would like to ask to have an option to append the pivot values (e.g. "Aggregated Classification+A", "Aggregated Classification+B"), then sorting using A-Z would work in Column Resorter. Alternatively the sorting of the columns in the pivoting node could be set for aggregation column name instead of pivot value.



Hi Martin,

I agree, but until it's implemented the RegEx Column Renamer should help you. Search string "(.+)\+(.+)" (without the quotes) and replacement text "$2\+$1" (ditto) does the trick for me, afterwards it's a simple A-Z sort.

Hope that's what you were after! :)

Hi Ergonomist,

good workaround! Thanks for the tip!