Placement of information in the form of vlookup

I have two columns of phone numbers next to each other in Excel, and I want their details to be written in front of them from another table. It is necessary to explain that the number of rows in these columns is very large.
The sample file is as follows.
d.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Hi @alex1368.

I think you are looking for this node:

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The node you told me is great, but I want it to do this on both columns at the same time. The point is that I cannot merge the two columns due to work requirements and it must be done separately, and it seems to me that it is similar to vlookup, but it is not, and it is in a different way.
I think the example I gave was wrong and the new example is as follows
شسی.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hi @alex1368 .

You can always use two value lookup node in sequence.
Try the first value lookup for the first column and connect the result to a second value lookup node for the second column



QnA1.knwf (85.7 KB)


  1. Import Both tables/ Excel Files
  2. Use joiner node with inner join on conditions
    a. number 1 column in top table with number column in bottom table
    b. number 2 column in top table with number column in bottom table
    Select merge join columns option
    In Column Selection tab exclude number column from bottom table
  3. Use Row Splitter Node to Split tables based on missing values
  4. Use Column Appender Node to append both columns
  5. Use Column Filter Node to remove unnecessary columns
  6. Use Excel Writer to write the File