Plate Heatmap Viewer

Does anyone know if it’s possible to specify a custom colormap in the Plate Heatmap Viewer node? I’d like to use something other than one of the standard 7 colormaps provided.

I saw an entry in the changelog on Github from 2013 saying that an editor was implemented for creating custom colormaps, but there are no other details, and I haven’t seen any recent mention of it.


yes, it was implemented at that time and there is even some documentation about it: HCS-Tools Wiki
However, following the Githup open issues, there were several problems in that implementations. I guess because these were not fixed yet, the editor function has be disabled. I am sorry for you, at the moment I dont see that the color map editor will be fixed soon, so unfortunately you will have to live with the provided 7 default color maps. In addition you can use the Outlier smoothed option to get another representation.
Good luck,