Plate Heatmap Viewer


I've just a short question.

How do I autosave the PNG of a Plate Heatmap Viewer (with the Output Port 1 ??) ???


Thanks a lot.


Hi Flo

if you save the workflow, you can find the image in the workflow directory:

<path to the work space>/<workflow name>/HCS Heatmap Viewer_(#42)/port_2/object/portobject/

However, I guess that's not what you meant...
Maybe we should think about creating a output table containing the trellis as an image cell, that way, you could write it with "Image Writer" from the KNIME Image Processing plugin (

Would that be what you are looking for?



One could use the "Image to Table" node, then "PNG Image to ImgPlus" and then the "Image Writer" (last two nodes from the KNIME Image Processing).

Does it help?

Yes it worked. Thanks for the help :-)