[Please Help Needed] ideas on how to handle this problem

Hi there!

I have a dataset formed by 3 columns : userId, Class and a matrix.
I have 5 possible classes.
I would like to try to handle it with the techniques of multi-instance learning but I couldn’t find anything online… Do you know what plug-ins I coud use or do you have an example of knime with multi-instance learning?

Or do you have any suggestion on how to handle such a problem? Any input would be greatly appreciated, I’m really desperate… thank you so much in advance

I’m not familiar with MIL, but my best guess is you can use KNIME to do your data preprocessing, then use a package such as Python’s MIL (mil · PyPI) or R’s MILR package (CRAN - Package milr) to actually do the model training.


Thank you so much for your answer! I’m trying to follow your advice… so I should install one of those two packages in knime, for example using the Python Edit Variable node?

So I have only used R within KNIME, so I can only provide context in that regard… Typically, after you have your data set ready, I use the “Table to R” node. Within that node, I install my packages (e.g. install.package(“milr”) — highlight and click Eval Selection) and type my script…

If you’re not familiar with R, I’d probably suggest viewing a few examples on the KNIME Hub: table to r – KNIME Hub then view the Vignettes examples: milr: Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with Lasso Penalty or the reference manual: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/milr/milr.pdf

Of course give it your best and we’ll be here to help :slight_smile:


Hello @Sere995,

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To use Python or R nodes within KNIME you need to perform some integration steps. Here is link to KNIME documentation page where you can find Python and R guides which help you do it:

(Additionally please don’t open multiple topics for same question.)


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