Please Please, update the Google Authentication Node

Hi Knime!

I know this is not a probable priority, but it’s a relatively small fix, with a lot of benefit for users using Knime for Digital Analytics.

I know you can use the API key node, but for users where this is not possible or there are layers of IT to get through it simply blocks us out.

Please fix the OAuth method to work, or allow for manual inputting of oauth credentials (this is where a user can use oauth playground to generate the credentials) to allow the google analytics connection node to work.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi @Gavin_Attard,

Thank you for the feedback!

What kind of errors do you get from the google authentication node? How would you expect it to work?

Hello @Gavin_Attard,

actually you can use Google Authentication node to authenticate for Google Analytics. But you only should select read scope for it (which should be sufficient if I got it right).



Holy Smokes Batman!!! Totally missed that… Thanks @ipazin


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