Plot Nodes ignore column-color information


in the past I faced an issue where the color information, albeit being correctly appended to columns, still isn’t used in plots.

I now figured out that it’s caused by a column without color information even though that column is used for the x-axis and thus not requiring any color information.

Here is the verification of color information correctly being appended:

Here is the confirmation of the issue:

Here is the test workflow:

PS: For an unknown reason the “fix” I found doe not consistently work with the new chart nodes. The green rectangles show the colors being correctly applied and the JavaScript based Stacked Area Chart picks up the color correctly. But the new one, and also the line plot I tested, all of a sudden struggle.

I assigned completely new colors and they are not considered by the stacked area chart et all. There clearly is a bug.


Hi @mwiegand,

Thank you for the feedback.

In this example, I believe all the columns’ colour information is lost after the column append operation. Thus not appearing on the plots. In the below GIF, you can see no colour information next to the column names.



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Hi @k10shetty1,

I tested for loss of the color information which is not happening. This detail might not be as clear since it’s hidden in the fore last screenshot. I will try to replicate the issue in aa test workflow. Maybe I missed something so obvious that it’s a “90cm problem” …


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