Plot options: labels for axis


is there a possibility to automatically add the labels of the column names to both axis of e.g. the "Scatter Plot" oder "Interactive Histogram" nodes? If I use the plots I have to add these label manually...

One could use jfreechart but there are (at least) two disadvantages: colors from the color management are not used and the label for the axis have to changed manually.


I would reccomend having a look at the interactive R nodes for a way to build highly customized plots in KNIME.  The ggplot2 library specifically  has been a nice recent addition to my repetroire.

Also, generating charts in BIRT as part of a reporting step also is a good way to build customized plots if you don't want to script at all. 



Hi Spider,

the scatterplot does use the colors from the KNIME table and the axis names are the column names.


If using R can you reuse the colum names from KNIME in R thus not rewriting them for each new plot?

You are right, but I do not have the interativity of the normel KNIME scatter plot view where I can change both displayed columns and diretly see the result.