Plot Radar Chart

Hi Team,

Can someone please help me with the Radar Plot Appender. It is showing all the points in the separate chart. However, I want to view all the points in one chart only.


Hi Swapnil,
Could you please attach a sample workflow to reproduce your problem?
Thanks, Daria

Hi Daria,

I won’t be able to attach the work flow but. Please find the below explanation of the problem statement.
I have used Radar Plot Appender and I what I get is this below screenshot.

I want a radar chart with four highlighted columns. I am getting it but for each row a separate chart is created. I want only one chart with all the rows.

Hope I have explained the problem statement.


Hi Swapnil,

The Radar Plot can only add a plot for each row in a table. We are working on a solution to implement a Radar plot for a full table.

In the meantime you could try Parallel Coordinates (JavaScript) that allows to represent all the data in a similar way as a radar plot (the lines are just horizontal and not connected into a circle).
Alternatively you could implement your own radar plot using D3 javascript library and the Generic JavaScript view node.
Here is a nice example how to incorporate D3 into your visualization.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Daria,

Parallel Coordinates did the job for me.


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