Plotly JavaScript chart zoom to fill space.

I have created line charts for multiple features using JavaScript.

All feature lines work fine when selected individually.
The challenge, however, is with the last two features (red and blue) that do not grow to occupy the entire chart area when selected.

I have tried with;

xaxis : {
autorange : true, 
rangemode : 'tozero',
autoshift: true,  
constrain: 'domain', 
fixedrange: false,   
autosize: true,

The red and blue charts have missing numbers(no data) all through to Nov 15, 2022 and Feb 18, 2022 respectively.

Can I get some ideas on how to make each of the charts to fill the plot area.

Thank you.

Hi setor,

I found the below from Plotly documentation :

’ If rangemode is "normal" (the default), the range is computed based on the min and max values of the input data. If "tozero" , the range will always include zero.’

Can you change the rangemode to normal and see if it solves your problem?