Hello Knime users,
I wonder if any of you have used Knime for PLs or OPLS analysis? I tried to find nodes/WF. The only node I could find was PLS Model building but it does not run with the massage: ERROR PLS Model Building 5:1568 Execute failed: License is not correctly set

Any comment or suggestion


Hi Leila and welcome to the Forum!

The “PLS Model Building” node is part of the Schrödinger extension, which requires the Schrödinger Software to be installed. The path to the software must be set correctly in the preferences → KNIME → Schrödinger, I assume this is where your error comes from.

Currently, there are no native KNIME Nodes for PLS and the like. There is a ticket around, however, to change that (reference: AP-11751) and I’ll add a +1 for you.

Meanwhile, you can try scripting nodes, though: Both R and Python have an implementation of PLS (and probably more). Here are links to the R Extension on the Hub and a blog post about the Python Extension.

Hope that helps! Best,


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