Pls suggest about String Replace Dictionary

Hi, All reader

I have some problem about String Replace Dictionary.

I has created column row to variable [below figure]

and I need to use String Replace Dictionary. via variable (No need txt file). but this node has shown error.

Could anyone help me to solve the problem ?

Thank you very much

Hi @kritsapatw,

your question sounds quite similar to this topic:

Basically, the Cell Replacer is the node you’d want to use, i think :slight_smile: It requires the dictionary you provided with your table instead of a file like the “String Replace (dictionary)”.

Let me know if that helps!


Many Thanks, Lukas.

Anyway my solution need to use String Replace with Dictionary because I have many word to replace . On another way, I can use Joiner node to mapping word but I think it hard workforce.

Rer on your issue. I had seen your text file maybe problem to machine readable because Arabia language read/wreite right to left but many language usual is left to right. so may computing read has corrupt error.

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