Plug-in extension that does SQL Execution


I am new to Kmime and am wanting to develop a plug-in that I can execute custom SQL queries driven by my own user interface. Ideally I would like to write my backend code in python (although if this is not possible then I can switch to Java)

I would like to have the plugin have multiple inputs ports that represent sql tables that are inputs in the sql query - for these ports I need the ability to request the table and schema as well as the database connection. And I would like to have an output port which I can query the table/schema and which my plug-ins execution of its sql query table will be placed in.

The plugin I envisage would have a Ui where the user can enter parameter values that are eventually used in the sql query and are saved and loaded as part of the plugin settings.

Is there an example plugin that I can reference that shows how you can create a plugin that does sql execution? I did look at the number formatter sdk plugin example but that seemed not the right baseline as I need to execute SQL queries.

Any advice is appreciated.



Hi @photon,

Take a look at the database extension nodes, you can access their source code as described here:


This should be possible now:

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