plugin (knime5bio) installation in KNIME 2.11.3 from .jar file

Dear all,

I want to add the knime5bio plugin to KNIME 2.11.3. (it is complicated to update KNIME due to IT policies in my company) from a .jar file but I did not succed.

I followed the intruction present in the following link (in French), but nothing happen:

I did not find the instructions to add plugins from .jar files in the present forum even I am sure it is present...

Can you please help me?


Dear Bastien,

my french is pretty bad but from everything I understand it only works with KNIME 3.*

However, you might want to consider writing him a direct message? You can contact him here

Kind regards, Iris

Dear Iris,

Thank you very much for your answer and for the link. It will be very helpfull.

Have a nice day,