PMML and probability scores


I would like to know if its possible to have the PMML writer configure the script that that probability of each prediction will be appended.  


Is there anyway around this? I saw one post referring to converting the PMML to a table but id like to use this model outside of knime and the probabilites are very important.






all the information necessary to do this can be found in the PMML. Than the predictor has to take care of the predictions, and as well, if they want to generate the probabilities. 

Is there a specific reason you want to reuse the PMML outside of KNIME? Maybe you can use the other functionalities inside KNIME instead?

Best regards, Iris 

well, i dont mind using it within knime for the time being but i need the results to be exported with the probabilites becaue i have a customised back testing tool for trading equities/stocks.


In time like to directly access the PMML module via python if possible.  i like using GUI tools for data mining but i suppose I will migrate to using scikit learn if i have too. i know how to code but am not a programmer by trade..


as it is now..everytime i export the predicted results from the knime PMML predictor it just gives me the prediction but the probabity scores are crucial do i go about doing this?