PMML code- categorical values


I have a PMML model which is created using IBM SPSS. It has optype=“categorical” while KNIME doesn’t uses this datatype as SPSS defines.

Columns/Features used in the model contain numbers but they are typified as Nominal and Ordinal in IBM SPSS and PMML shows them as Categorical.

I did look at some of the forum threads which mention to convert to string and then use domain calculator but when I do so, I get an error → column “ABC” in the table of prediction is expected to be numeric. If I don’t convert to string and then use domain calculator, I get an error- The column “ABC” is supposed to be nominal.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


Hi @ace2131,

is it possible for you to share a screenshot of your workflow?
Which node do you use to do the predictions?



You could try the approaches in this example, compiling the pmml or converting it into SQL

Also you might take a sample dataset like the iris or census income data and build a model with that so you could share the pmml here so we could further explore.

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