PMML question


I try to build a node with a PMML-Out-Port. Looking at the source code of the 'Numeric BInner', I was wondering about the following line (in createPMMLModel):

PMMLPortObjectSpecCreator pmmlSpecCreator = new PMMLPortObjectSpecCreator(inPMMLPort, outSpec);

I was wondering why the table spec 'outSpec' of the output table is of any interest for the pmml output? I was browsing the code of the PMMLPortObjectSpecCreator but I did not understand the reason (maybe I know to little about PMML?)

Can anybody explain why the table spec of the ouput table is important for creating the PMMLPortObjectSpec?



the spec will become the DataDictionary for the PMML document. I am not sure why the Binner adds the output spec here, because the data dictionary describes the input data... Anyways, you can add any table spec you want, but it should describe the data that is processed by the model or transformations in the LocalTransformations or the TransformationDictionary.

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