PMML Reader from a remote location

Hello guys,

I have a model in pmml form at a remote location and would like to import it in order to make predictions. How is this possible? I am connected to the remote location through ssh and exported the uri as a variable: ssh://root@

But when trying to use the PMML Reader node I received the following error:
Invalid file system path illegal character <:> at index 3.

Which is the propwer way to load a pmml model from a remote location?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi @lentzosk and welcome to the forum.

I don’t think the PMML Reader is going to support a direct ssh:// formatted URL. Can you instead try something like the workflow below to download the file to a local directory, and access the PMML model from there? (The example is for a CSV file but the concept is the same.)

Hi @ScottF!! Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually, I use the KNIME server on a big data (cdh) cluster and have saved the pmml model in one of the cluster’s hosts. I want to avoid working locally and ideally would like the server to read the model and then make predictions.

My goal is to make the flows independent of the platform and working exclusively on the server. Any suggestions or helpful links are welcome!


Are your files accessible via HDFS? If so, here’s a workflow that shows how you can use KNIME’s Upload and Download nodes to move files (such as your PMML model) from one system to another:

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