PMML ruleset and DerivedFields

I have created a very simple rulset pmml document; however, I can not get it to work with DerivedFields.

I have simplified this pmml to two rules and I want to be able to create a DerivedField in the TransformationDictionary and then use that DerivedField in the SimpleRules within the Ruleset.

There are several issues that I am running into:

1.  I was under the assumption that a DerivedField was like a variable in that when you use the RulesetPredictor node, you don't need to supply a column with the name of the DerivedField.  Eventually I want the derivedfield to use the builtin functions within pmml and determine if one field is greaterThan the other, but I am starting simple since I can't get anyting to work.  If I supply the column with the same name as the DerivedField on my input table that is coming into the Ruleset Predictor then I can get it to run; however, the field is missing unless I assign it a value - again, I want it to be a variable that is created at runtime of the PMML.

2.  Even though I assign a constant value to the derived field, it is still showing up as missing, and I think this is due to the fact that I have to have that column included in my input table to the Rulset Predictor.  If I populate that column with a value, then the code runs as I would expect it to; however, I want the derivedfield to be like a variable that is assigned at run time and not a variable that will be coming in from the data that is to be scored.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Attached is the workflow.



Hi damrine,

unfortunately derived fields are just columns that are appended to the table. The preprocessor nodes or the PMML-Apply nodes create those columns for you when you work with new input. It is not possible to treat derived fields as variables.

Kind regards,


Ok, Thanks for the update.