Polling concept

Hi Team,

It is very nice to work with knime. And knime is very friendly to me. I have few doubts in knime,

1. Is there any polling concept in knime, which will poll the particular folder or activity by giving the polling interval.

2. Is it possible to save the image getting from Pie chart or any other chart reports automatically in a particular location.

Could anyone please clarify my doubts. Thanks in advance. :)


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1. Not really. You can use the nodes in the Flow Control category to build loops that dynamically access a directory with the List Files node and process then the data in KNIME. But again, polling is not supported.

2. Yes, images generated with the JFreeChart or R integration can be directly store with the Image/PNG Writer or even translated into a KNIME table which can then be stored using the Table Writer (which is the KNIME internal format).

Thank you. It is really helpful....smiley