polynomial regression equation


I’m struggling to understand how to interpret what the regression equation is in KNIME? I need to use whatever the equation is in another program.

I realise it is a lack of stats understanding on my part - but most other programs out there display the equation.

I have partitioned my data and used the polynomial regression learner, then applied the regression model to the remaining test data set.

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @rosyanna_098,

Polynomial regression is normally represented in the form of

f( x ) = c_0 + c_1 x + c_2 x^2 ⋯ c_n x^n

where n is the degree of the polynomial, c is a set of coefficients.

If you see the below image, the third output of the polynomial regression learner node provides both coefficient and exponent values associated with a particular variable.

I hope this helps.



Thank you for your help!


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