Pop up prompt for column selection widget

I have a workflow where the user has to select a column.
Thanks to @elsamuel I am able to pass the selection as a variable.
Just to make it a little easier for my non-KNIME colleagues, I was wondering if it was possible for KNIME to pop out the column selection dialog automatically instead of having to right click on the node and select the interactive column selection.


Hi @thentangler -

If this workflow is just for local use in AP, you can use a Column Selection Configuration node instead of the widget. Then when the end user clicks on the top level of the component to configure it, they will be shown the column selection dialog directly, instead of having to open the Chromium browser window.


Can you explain what you mean by top level of the component?

When you include a configuration node inside the component, you should see a configuration dialog when you click on it, like this:

Does that make sense?

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Thank you for that explanation!. I understand now.
I tried it but the flow variable doesn’t seem to get passed.
I see the flow variable selected when i go inside the component:

However I dont see it when i click on the component itself:

Inside the component, make sure you click on the Component Output (node 48 in your screenshot) and select the flow variable you want to send outside of the component. By default, flow variables created inside a component will NOT be passed outside, so you have to be explicit about that.

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Yup! That did the trick.
Thank You!

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