Portuguese POS tagger and Lemmatizer

Hello, guys!

Isn´t there a solution for a portuguese POS Tagger and Lemmatizer? I mean, Knime has been helping me a lot and my students (I’m a portuguese language teacher) are loving it, but we miss a lot of info without a pos tagger and a lemmatizer. Is anyone out there that could build these two nodes for the portuguese language?



Hi @Cygnus -

The new Spacy Lemmatizer should work with languages other than English - have you tried that? There is also the new Spacy POS Tagger as well, although I’m not sure if it supports other languages (though I think it might).

@Redfield has been working hard on these nodes and can probably give you more specifics than I can :slight_smile:

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Good evening, @ScottF ! Yes, Spacy supports portuguese language. I didnt know these nodes were available, I´m gonna check them out and see if KNIME has integrated the portuguese language!! Thank you very much for now! :raised_hands: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, @ScottF , I’ve tried to install the Spacy POS Tagger, but it´s not working. I drag and drop, it says it is installing, but the notification suddenly disappears. I drag and drop again, it says it is not installed, I perform the process again, but again the same thing. I restart and I try installing through the “Install KNIME Extensions” section of the platform, but to no avail. The same happens to the Sapcy Lemmatizer node. I think @Redfield could help us here, right?!

@ScottF , I have sent @Redfield an e-mail, because the Spacy nodes are paid. I realized that only now. Maybe this is the cause I am not able to use them. :upside_down_face:

The Spacy nodes aren’t paid; in fact I will be hosting a webinar next week where Redfield will do a deep dive on the functionality. Maybe you can join us?

As to the installation problem, I suspect this may by the Windows long paths issue discussed on the Redfield NLP Nodes page. You can resolve this by following the instructions here (which I also had to do):


Hello, @ScottF ! Thank you very much! Yes, indeed, I was searching for some info about the Spacy Node and found out it is free and that there’s a problem concernig the long path issue. Everything worked fine for me, it´s working. But since I have some doubts about it, I really would like to join this webinar!! Again, thank you very much!!

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Hello @Cygnus

I am happy to hear about your interest in Redfield NLP nodes. I can see that Scott already helped you with the installation. I have prepared a simple example that shows how to use all Spacy node for Portuguese texts, please take a look at it.

Best regards,


Wow, @Redfield , thank you very much!! This is of great help!! I will also attend your Webinar with @ScottF!! See you there!! :upside_down_face:

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