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I read in KNIME forum and also in the KNIME book “From Words to Wisdom”, that the POS-Tagger works only for English. Is that still the case because in the general settings can I select the wor tokenizer “OpenNLP German WordTokenizer”?

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Hi @Pancho8 ,

I just tried the POS Tagger using the OpenNLP German Word Tokenizer and the result looks like it doesn’t support German, even though you can use the German Tokenizer.

In case you are interested in performing POS Tagging for some German text you can use the Stanford Tagger node. In this case the STTS tags are used: Stuttgart-Tübingen-Tagset


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Hi @Pancho8,

The POS Tagger only includes English models (from OpenNLP).
The tokenizer option is unrelated to the POS tagging and is more like a general setting for all text processing nodes that require (re)-tokenization.

As @Kathrin mentioned, the Stanford Tagger is a good alternative which provides many models for POS tagging in various languages.


Hi Kathrin

Thank you very much for your support. I’ll try the Stanford Tagger Node for my project.


Hi Julian

Thanks a lot for clarification. That’s good to know.