Possibility for credentials encrypting (batch mode)

Hi All!
Is there any possibility to send credential variables (for DB connection) via batch mode in encrypted format? (using knime 5.2.0)

For example, I need to launch workflows with different credentials in a batch mode.

  1. I created a workflow with credentials parameters:
  2. Then I’ve set this credential variable for DB Connector Node:
  3. And my bat file look’s like this:

And it works good, I can send different credentials in a batch mode.

But the problem is that the password is explicitly passed in the bat file.
Is there an option to use an encrypted password that will be decrypted in the workflow?

Hi @aleksey_ant,

I would suggest a more reasonable approach: KNIME Community Hub Team plan for scheduling workflow executions or running ad-hoc jobs. And KNIME Business Hub enables you to turn your workflows into web applications (DataApps) or web services in addition to that.

In both solutions, you don’t need to expose your credentials as a plain text and even better, with KNIME Business Hub, you have the Secret Store where you can store your credentials safe and retrieve them in the workflows securely.

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