Possibility to call workflow and interact with "View"-Nodes?


suppose I have two workflow:

one (or several) workflow(s) with a view.

Another Workflow from whom the first workflow should be called:

From my understanding the Workflow Invocation Nodes are only there to call workflows that do not have a view (or if they have, it gets ignored).

Is there a way to call a workflow and interact with the view-Nodes inside it?

Thank you ^^

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Hey @KNIME_uzer ,

short answer: No, your understanding is correct.
The usual way to reuse views across workflows is to package them in a shared component and use that shared component where needed.
Is that an option for you?


Thank you @nan for your answer.

To put every functionality into a shared component seemed kind of inconvenient (especially for many/long workflows) for me at some point and I was searching for different solutions - but now I know. Thank you.

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