Possibility to create customized views in server

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a possibility in KNIME to create customized views for different users, meaning the filter set of each user is saved for the next session?
We have multiple filters on the page, which users apply to find their products. Considering the users might use the page daily, saving the filter setup would save a lot of time.

Any idea on how to tackle this?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello @d3n1s,

not sure there are customized views in a way you need them but idea that comes to my mind is to “simply” map filters to users. So before generating view user needs to (among other things I guess) input his user group name/number upon which filters in background are applied and view generated. Does this makes sense and is it applicable to your use case?



Hi @d3n1s , I’m not sure what you are referring to as views. First of all, are you talking about the web-portal (front-end) of the Knime server?

If I remember correctly, after you log in, you get a list of workflows that are accessible to you and you choose which one to run. If you mean for the users to be in the “correct” workflow after logging in, one way could be to bookmark the link directly to the workflow. That way, if you are not authenticated, Knime will request the authentication and redirect you to the bookmarked link after authentication.

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Hi Ivan,

thanks for the hint. I think the mapping approach might work, except the case when a user might want to create multiple customized views (e.g. one user responsible for several products).
I will give this a try.


Hi Bruno,

yes, I meant the Knime Server web-portal.

I am not sure I get your point right though… So, I would have to create multiple versions on the server, having different sets of filters? Then re-direct the user to his respective view?


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