Possibility to create second cursor / pointer?


when running workflows using Selenium, the WebDriver “high-jacks” my mouse (for apparent reasons). However, this blocks me from using my computer i.e. to inspect the interim results or continue working on other aspects of this or other workflows. Interfering with Selenium by continuing my mouse can break the execution.

Using Virtualbox + Selenium Server to offload testing is:

  1. Consuming system resources for virtualization which are needed for knime
  2. VM setup isn’t that easy (would be uncharted territory)

This begs the question, is it possible to create a second cursor / pointer or unlock the mouse as if the WebDriver is ran in headless mode?


Hi Mike,

This does not happen to me, and it shouldn’t to you either :thinking: – technically, the Selenium API communicates directly with the browser, it will not interfere with OS interfaces (like the mouse cursor), which are a “different level”.

What might happen is, that the browser window jumps into the front. But you can simply change the focus back to a different window, and the automation should continue just fine (in other words, the browser doesn’t have to be the frontmost window for a Selenium workflow to run).

If you observe any different behavior, please don’t hesitate to get back here so that we can investigate :slight_smile:


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