Possible bug in CSVWriter node on KNIME 2.11.1 on Mac

I have a simple workflow that takes a CSV file, parses it, and processes the data.

Part of the processing converts a string into a date/time column which is then used for other calculations.

Finally this data is then written back out to another CSV file. I noticed that in the generated CSV file a date/time like this "  2015-01-15T12:06:54.043 when written to the CSV file appears like this 2015-01-15T12:06:54.43 .

Notice how 43/1000 of a second become 43/100 of a second.

This happened consistently to every date/time where there was a '0' in the tenths of seconds place

Another piece of information that might be helpful, when writing this very note, I copied and pasted the date/time field from the KNIME table view into this message and the same thing happened, the decimal part of the seconds dropped the initial zero.

Given this, I suspect that the problem is not with the CSVWriter node itself but in the code that implements the toString() method on the dataTime string. I do not know if KNIME uses an internal method or the one included with Java but but I am guessing that that is the problem..

I am using "java.version=1.7.0_60"


-- Scott

This is a known problem with the date and time cells that is about to get fixed.