Possible to skip corrupted file to keep loop moving?

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I’m going thorough a large amount of data files spanning over 10 years. One of the issues I’m having is that some of these excel files are corrupted. So the node dies and I have to manually remove the file, run again until I hit the next one.

Is there any workaround to skip or ignore this issue and keep the loop going?

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Hi @j_ochoada

The following workflow, although not using the same source of data, shows how to use a -Catch & Try- pair of nodes to prevent a loop from stopping when the reading of data at a given iteration is faulty:

A snapshot of the workflow where this is implemented:

Hope it helps.

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Hello and Thank you @aworker !

This concept indeed did work. I pass the file location into the try variable. I also pass the source path to attach to the data in the constant value along with the year (from source folder). I also use this source path as an input to pass in case there is an error. That way I get all the data from the files that worked as well as a list of failed files.

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Me alegro ! Que rapido lo implementastes !
Suerte con tu proyecto.


gracias a la gran sugerencia

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