Possible to "Skip fist Lines" with Google Sheet?

I fear the answer is “no,” but worth asking!

I have a google sheet with 6 rows of “instructions” for folks who will be remediating the data, and the actual column headers are on row 7. If this were a standard file, I would just use the option to skip the first 6 rows. The closest thing I can see to this with the Google Sheets reader is the ability to specify the range, but I won’t know the size of the data table; just that it starts on row 7.

Am I missing anything, or does anybody have any clever workarounds for this one?


I think I figured this out. I read the entire spreadsheet without any row or column headers, used a row filter to get rid of the first 6 rows, and then I used this solution:

To get my column names in place.

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