Promote a Row to be a Column Name

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I have a workflow very complicated, I’m working on it, but now I have the column names in the second row after use transpose node, so, how can I promote this row to be a column names


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Hi. I guess when you say “column names in the second row” you mean the first row of the table (under the column names?). If so, I created a metanode (now called a component) that promotes the first row of a table to column names. I use a Row Splitter to separate the first row from the rest of the table. Then I use a transpose node on the row with the col names to create a lookup table of column names. This is then fed into the Insert Column Header node. Please see attached workflow.
Hope this helps.
promote first row to header.knwf (12.3 KB)


OMG!!! Thank you very much!!! Works perfectly!!!



this is what I do to get any row become a column names.


In the RowID Node select de colum yo want to become column names.

Check it out¡¡¡



Nice idea!!! thanks a lot!!! :wink:

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