Post Request - API successful but node continues executing till timeout

Post Request is calling an API (Sendgrid) that sends an e-mail. The SendGrid API only sends a response header on success and not a body. I suspect that the node is waiting for a response body. Any ideas for a work around or thoughts on the issue?

Hi @sshiell -

Sorry for the delayed response. I am guessing that the node is timing out on you - is that correct? If not, is there an error message you can share?

Scott - Thanks for your reply. Yes the node is timing out and no error is provided. To be clear, the node does work in the sense that the e-mail is sent. It is must be waiting for something that it is “not coming back” finish execution.

The node waits until the server closes the connection. If the server doesn’t do this, then it waits end eventually times out. It does not require an actual response body to be sent.

Thor - Thanks for the clarification. I’ll investigate on the API Vendor side to try and understand why it is not closing the connection.