Post Request Node Basic authentication via Flow variable Password required window pops up

I’m making a POST request using as Basic Authentication a flow variable for Password.
When running the workflow, a window Password required pops up and doesn’t make the Post request until I manually introduce the username and password again.

How do I avoid this pop up? As the whole reason I’m using the variables is to not input things manually.

Thank you

HI @Maya ,

When you use a flow variable, you needn’t to set to create a new variable to output as you did.


Just select the “username” to match with the flow variable username and do the same to “password”.

Empty the Username & password from credentials field and “true” from basic_enable.

If you will set something like this, create variables as needed and just set into flow variables fields as example:




From the start tab “Connection Settings”, you set the URL as you need if it’s a default one, OR set a url early into a variable too and bring it as column our flow variables.

That can solve it until now.



Thank you for your reply.
I tried your method, but the window still pops up for manual credential input…

I tried also removing the Basic Auth variable, as it is in your screenshot, but same issue.

Just for a test, if you set it into the Authentication tab as username and password, the popup opens too?

Knime have some credentials nodes that can help you too about it.

BR, Denis


Yes, same thing.

Credentials node helped though!

Thank you!

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