POST request node not recognizing body

I am trying to execute a request that works in postman, however when I try it in the Knime POST Request, it is giving me the AADSTS900144 error: “The request body must contain the following parameter”.

Could someone tell me what is wrong with my json body? Obviously I replaced the id’s and secrets with “xxx” in the workflow attached.

web_services_knime.knwf (6.3 KB)

Hi @Zvereec1 , it’s difficult to give definitive answers without being able to try out the API, which for obvious reasons, I cannot, but as a first attempt, try setting the content-type as follows:


Thank you for your reply.

I tried that, but it did not make a difference.

ok, thanks for the update @Zvereec1.

In the original message, where it says “The request body must contain the following parameter” does it not indicate the name of a parameter?

Are you able to upload a screen shot of the error (after obfuscating the specific credentials/secrets)?

Yes, it says the grant_type parameter is missing.

Now that you mention “parameter”: in postman the data in the body were not params, but form-data pairs. Would that be of importance on how to configure the node?

Could it be that you have mistyped grant_type as grant-type (hyphen instead of underscore) ? :wink:


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Yes, I discovered that typo as well just now when comparing it with my postman request and was very hopeful that that was it, but unfortunately it’s not; even when corrected I still get the same error message!

Hi @Zvereec1 this is the point where I’d be thinking “the error message should have changed”… so I’d be trying to do everything I could to change the error message (i.e. break it in different ways), because doing something that changes the error message always tells you something!

e.g. What happens if you remove “grant_type” altogether, or change the spelling of “client_id”, or remove the entire body… any of those things should have an effect. It can often lead to new thoughts and finally the “eureka!” moment.

Or put another way… this is how most of my own troubleshooting goes:

Found the solution in another post: POST request form data

I should do


instead of

‘grant_type’ = ‘client_credentials’

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